【Take out from the preserve! 5 kinds of raw fish sashimi】 All 10 gorgeous items 6000 yen (tax excluded)

6000 yen

(Excluding tax) / ※ cooking only


【Appetizer】 Three kinds of served

- Rape blossoms

· White fish ball

· Fried chicken

[Small intake] season of egg custard

[Korea] fresh fish Pentathlon prime

【Salad】 Cherry Bacon Caesar salad

[Pot] ball muscle Sakanakugini

[Baked] Spanish mackerel saikyo grilled

【Rei】 Inoko Tempura

【Boiled】 Boiled fish

[Buckwheat] plate bamboo steamer

[Dessert] mango pudding

※ There is the case that the content is changed by the buying situation.